Boat and Personal Watercraft Insurance

boatDid you know that 1 in 8 vehicle-owning households in the U.S. have a boat or jet ski?  And that Pennsylvania has one of the highest concentrations of watercraft in the country?  It surprised me too.  With all of the rivers and lakes in this area, many of our friends and neighbors have taken to the water for recreation and relaxation.  But with so many folks on the waterways, the chances of an accident increase, and that calls for specialized insurance coverages designed specifically for boats and personal watercraft.  I am in a unique position to offer such coverage at a competitive price and with a wide variety of available discounts.  Many of these coverage a simply not available from other sources.
On a basic policy, I can offer the  liability coverage that you will need in the event that you cause an accident that results in an injury to another person or in damage to someone else's property.  But there are several other unique optional coverages and/or features that you may want to consider to protect you and your boat should there be a loss.  These may include but are not limited to:
Agreed Value - Available on any boat eligible for Comprehensive & Collision coverage.  In the event of a total loss, this pays the rating base (agreed value) regardless of the Actual Cash Value.  Optional on "full coverage" policies.
Total Loss Replacement - Available on newly purchased boats up to one model year old with Comprehensive & Collision coverage.  In the event of a total loss, this replaces the insured boat with a new one.  For boats over 5 years old, we pay the purchase price.  This option protects you against depreciation and inflation.  ***  Not available on personal watercraft (jet skis).
Navigation - Coverage applies to all inland waterways and all bodies of water within 75 miles of the U.S. and Canada.  A special endorsement is available to increase the navigational limit to 125 miles.
Environmental Damage - Fuel spill and wreckage removal coverage included.
Watersports activities, waterskiing, and wakeboarding - Included with Liability and Med Pay coverages.
Replacement cost for on-board items - Offers primary coverage for personal effects and fishing equipment.
Emergency On-water Towing - Provides reimbursement for on-water towing and labor costs when the boat becomes disabled on the water.
"Propulsion Plus" - Provides coverage for the lower unit of an outboard motor, and the upper and lower units of a sterndrive motor, in the event of a mechanical breakdown, including those caused by wear and tear.
Disappearing Deductibles - Deductibles are reduced by 25% for each claim-free policy period.  After 4 claim-free policy periods, the deductible is zero.
Small Claims Forgiveness - Premiums will not increase if you have one or more claims where the payout is $500 or less.
*** Coverage availability may vary by company
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