Business Professionals...Did you know?

Certain business professionals—such as contractors, engineers, inspectors, visiting nurses—may be required by their clients and/or employers to carry insurance coverage for all vehicles used in their business, whether owned by the business or not.  You may be required to carry a specific level of commercial insurance, and/or special endorsements in addition to your regular coverage,  before being awarded a contract or being allowed onto a job site.  We run into this situation quite often in the construction trades, but this requirement is certainly not exclusive to them.
ANY AUTO LIABILITY:  Covers any vehicle used in the client’s business, including any vehicle acquired during the policy period.
HIRED AUTO LIABILITY:  Covers any non-owned, unlisted vehicle that the insured has leased, hired, rented, or borrowed.
EMPLOYER’S NON-OWNERSHIP LIABILITY:  Covers employees using their own (unlisted) vehicles incidentally in the course of doing business.
DRIVE OTHER CAR:  For corporations and partnerships, this extends coverages to private passenger vehicles rented or borrowed for personal use—allowing the commercial coverage to provide the same benefits as a personal lines policy when a separate policy doesn’t exist.